Our team of drawers and graphic designers are located in different parts of the world: France, Morocco, India and China. They all interact with each other. This diversity does certainly boost our creativity. Every single collaborator actively analyses, anticipates and suggests in order to successfully achieve your projects. Whether working on drawings or logo books, the team works towards the very same achievement: providing you with sophisticated, innovative and delicate pieces.

Our first objective is to carefully materialize every single item of clothing that we design in order to achieve the most refined result. Mrs. Yao « Jolie » Ye, based in Hong Kong, is in charge of developing the best creations, even the most complex ones, and of finding the best qualitative and varied materials. She carefully oversees and creates prototypes based on our designers’ patterns.

The material that feeds our various production units comes from 5 different continents. We benefit from a continuous supply that allows us to support a very high production pace – up to 900 000 pieces per monthly – and to avoid being out of stock. We can offer you a very complete service since we are in a position to manage your projects from the labeling stage to the packaging, according to your own recommendations. Your articles can thus be ready to be displayed when delivered to you.

You are kept informed of the status of your order all along its processing, from the production stage to the packaging, going through stock and delivery. Moreover, pictures illustrate the numerous explanations that we are providing you with. And of course, we commit to answer your questions as quickly as possible. Regarding transportation, the person in charge of the export within each plant supervises the processing of your products on a daily basis, from the day they leave our stock to their delivery to your desired location.

We have also developed a connected activity in order to provide you with a broad range of communication collaterals that can all be customized. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the numerous items that we can develop: pens, watches, key-rings, organizers, cups, corkscrews, bottle openers, mobile cases, etc. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a customized offer.

Contact : info@internationaltex.com